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Dimna Lake

Dimna Lake


If getting away from the city and spending a quiet day with your loved ones or friends is what’s on your mind, Dimna Lake would be the ideal place to spend your day. An artificial lake in the steel city of Jamshedpur, it is located in the foothills of the Dalma mountain range and is famous for its serenity and pleasant greenery. The lake is pretty well-known as a picnic spot with its clear water and scenic surroundings, creating scope for mini treks into the hills, and water activities such as boating, rowing, and jet skiing among many others.

In stark contrast with its industrial surroundings, the serene lake is one of the most crucial structures in the area, since it is used as a reservoir to store and provide water for the steel plant, along with being the primary source of water for the city. Over the years, the need for a dam was felt to hold the water in the reservoir, so that it can be used as and when required optimally. The Dimna Dam was conceived to overcome a water deprivation situation in Tatanagar (as Jamshedpur is also known) and surrounding areas. Constructed under the auspices of Indian conglomerate Tata Steel, the dam is built on River Kharkai under the administration of the Mirzadih Panchayat of Jamshedpur.

A gorgeous sunrise coming up from behind the hills, with splendid greenery and melodious chirping of birds is what sets this artificial lake apart as a traveller’s destination. It is a popular weekend getaway for the local people of Jharkhand, or as a recreational outing for tourists on an extended tour. The road to Dimna Lake will take you on a ride through the undulating but spectacular hilly terrains of eastern India.